Black Doula

Woman of Color Doula in Washington D.C.

Having a baby is an exciting but overwhelming time for many people. First-time parents may especially feel the weight of this and are often uncertain about many aspects of having a baby, including childbirth.

A doula can help you with this process to ensure you are comfortable and taken care of. At Dignity Doula, we have received extensive doula training so that we can help serve birthing persons in the Washington, D.C., area.

Benefits of a Black Doula

A woman of color doula has unique insight into the maternal health of women of color. Statistically, black women experience a higher maternal mortality rate. A black doula has undergone doula training and is familiar with the data regarding black women and childbirth.

At Dignity Doula, we value the lives of all of our clients, the mother’s and the baby’s, no matter the race. We will advocate for you and help you make medical decisions during your pregnancy and childbirth.

Doula Services

At Dignity Doula, we offer several packages for childbirth services. Each package includes prenatal visits and a consultation to help you come up with the best birth plan. All of our doula service packages also include unlimited phone and text support and an on-call doula 24/7 after you reach 36 weeks.

When the time comes to have your baby, you will receive the support of a doula during the entirety of your labor and birth and up to two hours after giving birth. We also offer postpartum services to help you recover after giving birth.

Along with our childbirth services, we also offer placenta encapsulation. Placenta encapsulation involves cooking, drying, and encapsulating your placenta so that you can replenish your hormones and recover faster. For more information on the benefits of placenta encapsulation, visit our services page.

At Dignity Doula, we put you and your baby’s needs first. While we are not medical professionals, we advocate for you during pregnancy and labor to ensure you are comfortable and healthy. For more information on our services or to speak with a black doula, contact us at (703) 389-5929.